Tuesday, August 11, 2015

ALAM RIA PASTI Kawasan Bayan Baru - Muhammad Fateq Iqbal 9 Ogos 2015

Ahad 9 Ogos 2015, Fateh dgn rakan sekelas telah menyertai nasyid di dewan seameo recsem gelugor penang... walaupun x berjaya tapi semnagat n skill yg ditujukan oleh teh n rakan-rakan amat mebanggakan. Fateh ditugaskan sebagai pemain alat muzik.... caya laaa teh papa. 73 9w2yzi

MFJ-259C Antena Anylazer

Satu lagi tool yg digunakan untuk ukur SWR antena yg bina... tool ini amat bagus sekali. tak perlu bawak mobile rig kat site utk kita uji.. just bawak antena anylazer ni n cucuk... dah tahu berapa swr nilai Galangan antena n loos kabel serta pe;bagai lagi..Order kut ebay dgm rm1182 mahal pasal time nie nilai RM3.60 = USD1. Apa-2 pun demi minat aku gagah jugak beli benda ini utk koleksi antena....


The famous MFJ-259C gives you a complete picture of your antenna’s performance. You can read your antenna’s SWR and Complex Impedance 530 KHz to 230 MHz continuously with no gaps.

You can read Complex Impedance as series resistance and reactance (R+jX) or as magnitude (Z) and phase (degrees).

Determine velocity factor, coax loss in dB, coax length and distance to a short/open.

Read SWR, return loss and reflection coefficient at any frequency simultaneously.

You can read inductance in uH and capacitance in pF at RF frequencies.

Large easy-to-read two line LCD screen and side-by-side analog meters clearly display your information.

Built-in frequency counter, Ni-MH/Ni-CD charger circuit, battery saver, low battery warning and smooth reduction drive tuning.

Super easy to use! Just set the bandswitch and tune the dial -- just like your transceiver. SWR and Complex Impedance are displayed instantly!

Here’s what you can do

Find your antenna’s true resonant frequency. Trim dipoles and verticals.

Adjust your Yagi, quad, loop and other antennas, change antenna spacing and height and watch SWR, resistance and reactance change instantly. You’ll know exactly what to do by simply watching the display.

Perfectly tune critical HF mobile antennas in seconds for super DX -- without subjecting your transceiver to high SWR.

Measure your antenna’s 2:1 SWR bandwidth on one band, or analyze multiband performance.

Check SWR outside the ham bands without violating FCC rules.

Take guesswork out of building and adjusting matching networks and baluns.

Accurately measure distance to short or open in failed coax. Measure length of a roll of coax, coax loss, velocity factor and impedance.

Measure inductance, capacitance. Troubleshoot and measure resonant frequency, Q of traps, stubs, transmission lines, chokes, tuned circuits, baluns.

Adjust your antenna tuner for a perfect 1:1 match without creating QRM.

MFJ-259C is a complete ham radio test station with frequency counter, RF signal generator, SWR/Resistance/Reactance/Coax Analyzer, Capacitance/Inductance Meter and much more!

Use 10 AA or Ni-MH batteries (not included) or 110 VAC with optional MFJ-1312D.

Compact 4W x 6 3/4H x 2D inches